“I’m going through rehab to rid myself of you. It’s not you that has changed, It’s what you have changed in me. Since you are purely an addiction, You should have no recollection of the effects you’ve had on me. In the beginning when you were new and exciting, I couldn’t get enough. Eventually I tried to quit, But somehow ended up right where I started. And loving you was never the same as that first time. Yet your effects still managed to leave damage Wearing me down to my core. It would be untrue if I said I was the only one Though I doubt you’ve seen what you’ve actually done I’ve never heard their stories, but it’s there in their eyes Where there used to be a sparkle and you were their prize And when you had got to them, kept them puzzled Kept them confused on if they were just used. You managed to keep them pacing, keep their hearts racing And still they came back for more Yet never really clear if you were actually here Or they were simply just mad With that you just chuckled so they chuckled too Never answering the question at hand But enough with you and your flaws. Because I have someone more important to put into account. Because if I don’t you will always be there And I won’t be able to stand you, me, or this god forsaken world any longer. You are my poison and I am my antidote. Please excuse me while I rid myself of you.”
Watermelon & Daisies by sofia-sabine-stroodle featuring a crop teeCrop tee / Party shoes / Chain shoulder bag / Linda Farrow sunglasses